About us

Our Founder

Our founder is big into pop culture he’s always loved it since he was a child. Now he’s an adult so with expression through his own art you’ll notice that our brand uses names that stand out & touch modern day culture. He loves anything and everything that isn’t put into a simple box. So, we are breaking the boring skincare & makeup products you normally see on shelves. He is going to be giving lots of color that these other brands are too scared to become “different” If you feel like you’re different and that you don’t belong then you found the right brand for you. We are here to give voices to those who are not heard. Join the storm so you can be a part of our rainbow. 

Let’s Stand Out Together

 -Alijah Storm

Our Comeback

Our focus is micro influencers we’ve reached out to big influencers in the past with no luck of exposure coming from their end. But we have learned that the new wave of the social media game is micro influencers.

"Quality & Quantity" 

We are a small brand with limited resources, so we are just trying to make this AMERICAN DREAM happen. Let’s break these beauty standards together

Join our Storm